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Underskrift på Energiplan 2030

Viceborgmester Marcel Meijer fra Samsø kommune holder et brag af et oplæg om Samsøs tidligere og kommende visioner.
Hvordan kan Samsø reducere deres energiforbrug og kommende CO2 udledning.
Det ved Marcel Meijer og hele Samsøs befolkning i år 2030.
Samsø Energiakademi og Samsø kommune har arbejdet tæt sammen med Pact of Islands om udarbejdelsen af energiplanen.


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  1. SStensgaard siger:

    Exellent speach by the Marcel the deputy major – I hope allot of people will follow his request to come and see for them selves.

    Visitors are welcome to meet the municipality and share our experiences with the renewable energy project and our plans for the future.

  2. Jimmy Flindt siger:

    Outstanding performance by Marcel the dupty mayor from the leading renewable energy island in Denmark.

    Samsoe is taking the lead and showing the way for many small islands all over the world – and is a good example to follow for the rest of Denmark.

    Electricity and most of the heating now fully covered by renewable energy sources on the Danish island of Samsoe.

    The big challenges hereafter must by to aim for the use of reneables in transportation (electric cars and busses), including marine transportation, between Samsoe and the main land.

    As an example of use of renewable sun and wind energy in marine transportation, see Australian tourist vessel .

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