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Vi inviterede personale og studerende fra CBS til at besøge Energiakademiet.


On 25 February 2012, Malene Lundén from the Energiakademiet on Samsø Island was invited to make a presentation at Copenhagen Business School about the adoption and implementation of the Cradle to Cradle concept on the Samsø Island. Aiming to be an insertion of real life experience into the theoretical frame of an academic course on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Service Organizations, the presentation brought concrete examples of how island communities take up the challenges of working with renewable energy sources to create more sustainable living environments. Students in the audience took the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with Mrs Lundén specific issues related to the organization of renewable energy systems, the triggering factors and the key aspects which lead to the success of such extensive projects. The subsequent answers and discussions identified that on Samsø, one unique element which enabled the successful adoption of renewable energy systems was the clever combination of technology and investments, with a careful attention to the specific needs of locals and their daily routines. Ending the presentation on an optimistic note, Mrs Lundén invited the CBS staff and students to visit Samsø and learn more about the island’s present and future accomplishments in the area of renewable energy and sustainable development. On behalf of the Center for Leisure and Culture Services at Copenhagen Business School, Adriana Budeanu welcomed future opportunities to collaborate with Samsø EnergiAkademiet.

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