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(English) A magical meeting

A letter from Emma:

An INNER sustainable (r)evolution…

I am Emma. A wild dancing child, an adventurous mermaid, a life artist and now a part of this amazing people´s movement I have experienced and met these past 3 days during my stay at Samsø, the green island in the heart of Scandinavia, and most of all during my meeting with Søren and Malene who are the two fire-hearted people leading Samsø´s community transformation into an international rolemodel of holistic sustainable living IN REAL LIFE. Being it. Now. Today.

My journey there started with a meeting. My dear friend Mikkeline was at a dinner party at my house when she bursting with excitement and fire told me that Energiakademiet on Samsø wanted people who could get in to the core of people, help open the hearts of the human beings and so that they themselves could create the start of an INNER sustainable (r)evolution.

I could feel my heart beating and my mouth wanted to interrupt, laugh and sing and when it does that I know there´s something to it! The past years I have been living and working towards opening my own heart to what really creates meaning and content in my own life. Learning to sense what is REALLY important in life when all the stuff is peeled away has many times left me full of panic and anxiety of being “trapped” in a world I do not have any kind of power to change into a place with space for humans, space for me. I have felt I would die in all the polluting toxins, sounds and product exchange in the streets of all cities. I wanted to run way and hide MANY MANY times. Move out to some far far far away island and create “my own” paradise.

But! I don´t want to run away. I want to stay and create a place where we can co-exist. A place where we can see all the beauty in our differences. Value these differences and start using them to build the life and communities you and me would like to spend our everyday in together. I feel that now is the time for creating this place. My way of doing this now is by returning to the nature that I AM. I am nature. I do this by stepping out of the spinning wheel of society and into the wild winds and soaring oceans of our blue planet. Here I can hear my true calling as a human being and feel my bellonging to this planet. Here I can take a deep breath and see the small wonders of life happening all around us. I feel alive and I feel response-able. Able to respond. So I want to say thank you Samsø for your wild beauty and see you soon again!

A letter from Mikkeline:

Magical things can occur when you listen deeply and sense what is seeking to emerge.
I’m Mikkeline and I want to tell a story of what brought me to this island…

A few weeks ago I spend a few days on a beautiful isolated island outside Stockholm, really connecting to nature and listening to my own inner voice, being completely present. It felt like stopping the ever spinning whell of stress and acomplishement, breaking the illusions that makes us slaves of our own minds.
I felt more alive and present than ever before. I felt like a living part of a whole living world. I got a strong desire to share this deep feeling of presence and connectedness. It was like something in me calling.

Same day I received a mail from Energiakademiet. It was simply a poem, nothing else. I didn’t know much about the place or the people behind it,- but the poem resonated so strongly in me, that I decided I wanted to visit them.
I believe in personal meeting so I asked my friend Emma to join me and spend a few days on Samsø, to explore this feeling of something calling.

It has been a magical meeting these past few days. We have been biking around the island in the beautiful nature and meeting wonderful people. Slowly getting a sense of the life and the energy here.
It is so impressive and inspiring how the people of Samsø have met and as a community connected around the shared vision of making this island fossilfree.
We remember talking to a local busdriver and it was so wonderful to hear how proud he was to tell about the island and their collective passion for sustainable energy.

I realize there is so much more to this than green technology.
It is about the people. It’s is about the meeting between these people. It is about the feeling of coming together, and being part of creating a community FOR LIFE.  Samsø has managed to create a sense of belonging and being part of a bigger whole, which awakens a natural and positive desire and motivation to be part of the change.

I get the feeling that the shift to sustainability is build on the human aspect. The green technology is already there. So what does it take for us to implement it and change to a sustainable lifestyle? I think it is extremely exiting to explore what it takes to awaken this NATURAL DESIRE in us to live more sustainable.

When I take a moment to listen deeply and feel truly alive, I get a sense of being a piece in the puzzle. When I feel the connection and co-existence, the shift inside me happens automatically. I naturally want to change the way I behave towards myself, those around me and the amazing nature we are a part of.

So… I guess you can say a poem called me to Samsø. It’s been an touching meeting and I somehow feel at home. It feels like the beginning of something, yet unknown. I will listen to what is emerging and let it come alive.

Another poem came our way, as we were biking around the island. On a red bench, someone had written:

“There is an island in the clear sea,
much closer to the stars and the skies,
yes much closer to the morning and evening sun,
than the noisy streets and cities.”

This poem captures it so beautifully. We’re need to move closer to nature. Closer to life.
Move closer to each other, closer to the World we want to live in
And the World we want our children to grow up in.
Thank you, Samsø. We look forward to meeting you again soon!


Mikkeline and Emma

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