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43 students from 8 European countries shared sustainable statements on video

One day with students from both Belgium, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria and Denmark resulted in 6 videos with statements and questions about how we can reach a more sustainable world. After being around on Samsø and listening to talks on the Energy Academy – it was their turn to engage in generating ideas and statements.

The process towards the videos was filled with brainstorms and dialogue on different topics of the day: Behavior, green technology, faith, Samsø, Economy and leadership. This border crossing work was describes by Søren Hermansen as ’ Positive noise of energy being used’.

The use of videos as a learning tool has been a part of the Energy Safari as pilot project since 2013. The background is not only to let students see and learn about how the Energy Academy works, but let them take active part in the communication of ideas and statements for a sustainable future.

“It is really a strong experience to see the enthusiasm and will to dialogue between youth from different countries. When the students produce real communication products to themselves and the Energy Academy, seems to push both personal limits and create way for deeper learning,” facilitator Morten Rejkjær Clausen told

The visit to Samsø was a part of The European Lifelong Learning Program and Young Europeans contributing to a better future.

The videos will be screened as a part of the exhibition at the energy academy. Watch a few here below:

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