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(English) New Project Leader at the EnergyAcademy – Meet Ea

My name is Ea and I am a newly educated Kaospilot from Aarhus – a three year education for creative leadership and entrepreneurship.

Today is my first day as Project Leader within education and communication at the EnergyAcademy. I am very excited and I feel happy to be exactly here!

In my previous job I worked at the innovation department of Roskilde Festival. I collaborated with Danish Broadcast on their program Store NØRD. I developed cultural initiatives for children with the aim of making the children love science, by getting their hands into it.

I am really passionate about creating meaningful experiences, where it becomes a fun playground to learn new and interesting stuff.

Why Samsø

I visit Samsø for the first time in June, where I found silence to write my final report for my study. I completely fell in love with Samsø – the mindblowing nature, the local community feeling and all the exciting projects that is happening at Samsø.

At my stay, I met two young organic farmers who recently moved to Samsø to start up a little organic farm. They were looking for new people to unfold the potential of their farm together with them. Now we live together at Yduns Have (The Garden of Ydun) – as the little farm is called, and I am using all my spare time to develop new event concepts. We want to invite people in to learn and get inspired by creative ways of doing organic farming!

Looking forward to my new work at the EnergyAcademy!

I am very inspired by the big visions of the EnergyAcademy and their ability to create and implement interesting and meaningful projects in collaboration with the inhabitants of Samsø and other interesting stakeholders and collaborators!
I can’t wait to contribute and I’m looking forward to learn, to give, to get inspired and be challenged 🙂

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