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EU Transport Challenge !

The EU is now financing innovative technologies in the Transport industry with Euro  6.3 billion over the next 6 year

EU Transport Challenge

DockingAssist is a cost-effective location-aiding system for efficient and safe manoeuvring within the entire port/habour area.

The unique funding opportunity is steered at companies pushing the boundaries for:

Green transport

Smart Transport

Intergrated Transport

Non-refundable EU funds will be granted to SMEs addressing any of the European Transport Challenges:


– Smart equipment, infrastructure and services
– Improved transport and mobility in urban areas
– Cleaner, quieter aircraft, vehicles and vessels
– Substantial reduction of traffic congestion
– Improved mobility of people and freight
– New concepts of freight transport and logistics
– Reducing accidents and casualties, improving security
– Next generation of transport means
– On board, smart control systems
– Advanced production processes
– New transport concepts

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