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Ny praktikant på Energiakademiet

I am Balázs, a 26 year old student from Hungary. I study Energy Technology at the University College Nordjylland in Aalborg, and as being on the last semester of my studies, I am doing my internship now at the Energy Academy here on Samsø until 24th of April.

Why the Energy Acadamy and Samsø? First I read about the island on the Internet not long after I started school in Denmark. It was just an accident that I stumbled upon an article writing about Samsø, as it became independent from the mainland on energy, and the ambitious goals regarding the future. The story stuck into my head, and the jars of pickles I occasionally bought in the shop also didn’t let me forget about Samsø. Maybe it is no wonder, that when I had to decide where to apply for internship, the Energy Academy was the first place I thought of, and I was very happy when I found out I could come here.

I find it to be an inspiring place, and I am really looking forward to contribute to the work done here. During the three months I am spending here, I want to learn as much as possible about the story of how the local community achieved energy independence, how they plan to continue towards the future goals, and what are those areas that still need improvement. I am interested mainly in locating these fields, and trying to find solutions that can make these areas work more sustainable.

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