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Aarhus 2017 challenges European colleagues

When representatives from the European Cultural Capitals these days visit Aarhus they will be challenged by Samso Energy Academy and World Perfect, the sustainability operators of Aarhus 2017.

Guests from Cultural capitals such as Leeuwarden 2018 in the Netherlands, Plovdiv 2019 in Bulgaria and Matera 2019 from Italy, will experience a Sustainability Safari that will take them past Dokk1,  Godsbanen -the old freight area and the Reuse recycling station.

On the safari they will be challenged with a simple task: to go home with the Aarhus Sustainability Model in their hand and identify one or more projects to take part in the battle for The Samsoe Award, which will be handed over in connection with the 2017.Samsø Sustainability Festival at the island.

The award, which is developed by the Samso Energy Academy in cooperation with European partners, pay tribute to sustainability in practice and focuses on showing the good examples of how sustainability can look like.

For more information click here (Danish)

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