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Trainee at Samso Energy Academy the next 10 weeks (22/8 – 28/10 2016)

Christian Holm, 26 years old and trained electrician.
I started with a 2 year old superstructure as energy technologist at KEA (Copenhagen Business Academy) where I finished in February 2017.
The program is based on green energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. Therefore, I am super happy that an agreement with the Samso Energy Academy has be feasible, since the island is the frontrunner in these categories.
The goal of this internship is to gain insight into Samsøs development in recent years, learn about the technologies that have been the island to become CO2 neutral and works in the Energy Academy’s daily lives.
The next 10 weeks:
I will be at the Energy Academy. For events and meetings together with the College’s employees and in the field of craftsmen around the island.

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