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Subsidies for energy renovation

Everything you need to know

You can actually get paid part of the cost when energy renovating your home.

Energy companies collector for energy savings, and therefore you can get a cash grant for example if you insulate your home or replacing a heat source.

Use’s infographic to get answers to what, how and how much you can get the funding for your future energy renovation.

Thinking about energy renovating your home or your business to save power or heating bill?
Then you remember that you also have many opportunities to get funding and advice to carry out your savings.

Because you can both apply for a grant from an energy company and use artisan deduction for labor costs.

This link here tells you everything you need to know about funding for your energy renovation.(Danish)

Why can not you get funding Denmark has established an energy plan to 2050 with intermediate targets for 2020 that involve energy companies.
Long-term energy plan for 2050 Al energy in Denmark is to be diverted to renewable energy – including transportation. The plan provides the basis for necessary investments in energy efficiency and developing green energy technology. Energy Agreement with intermediate targets for 2020 SRSF government reached d. March 22, 2012, a broad political energy agreement with the Liberal Party, the Danish People’s Alliance and the Conservative Party for the period 2012 -2020. The agreement includes activities to help reduce Denmark’s CO2 emissions and energy consumption. As a result, the expected CO2 emissions by 2020 to be 34% less compared to 1990. Energy consumption is expected to have fallen by 12% compared to 2006.
Expectations must include redeemed by giving advice and grants to both individual consumers and businesses that will carry out energy renovations. The energy companies’ role – energy subsidies November 13, 2012 included energy companies a voluntary agreement with the Minister of Energy to help create energy savings. Energy companies includes both natural gas, district heating and electricity companies (only partially oil companies). The companies with the agreement committed to realizing savings in energy consumption by end user so that Denmark can achieve its 2020 goal. Every year they have a fixed target for energy savings to be achieved and documented. These are achieved, inter alia, by subsidizing energy-saving improvements. With the subsidy, they can ‘buy’ reporting right to the energy savings achieved by energy retrofitting or optimization of technical systems. The companies report savings to the DEA, and that way when they achieve their objectives.


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