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Energy Ambassadors

Set the thermostat at 4 in the bathroom, 3 in the living room, 2 in the bedroom, 1 in the hall and stairs, * keeps the room frost free. That might save some energy.

Energy ambassadors have looked for that sort of energy savings in 280 Danish households. It looks as if a household of two persons can save 2000 kilowatt-hours or 1900 DKK (253 EUR) per year by changing their habits.

An energy ambassador is a person trained to find energy savings in people’s homes. The Samso Energy Agency trained 25 energy ambassadors in 2010/11. The Energy Service (Samso Energy and Environmental Office) also helped us find energy savings.

The work was done under the EU project Energy Ambassadors with participants from nine countries. For more information, see the project homepage.

Jan Jantzen


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