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Booster of innovation

Spinderihallerne i Vejle

What is DDC

Keep and eye out for this network, they know there crafts and  methods.

The Energy Academies Education and development font has joined together with the DDC. We have started up with some pretty intense course days in the Spinnery halls in Vejle. We both quick got the sent of how urgent a common mindset is to get the organization going. the right tools are important when new you need to develop new product and services in your own business or organization. we look forward to get started with the new year here on Samsoe Energy Academy

More focus on the mindset in the innovative phases

Userdriven: focus on those who need the solutions
Holistic:  Understand the problems and possibilities in a wider system

Focus on the future: Focus on what people want in 5 years or 10?
Multidisciplinary: Focus ALL over the organization.

Strengthen the organizations brand trough design. Tools to secure a systematic and simple approach to building your own brand, so that it will be integrated in the total business development. directions on how your company can optimize the costumer loyalty by creating a better costumer experience, and by that creating a bigger gab to your competitors. networks to other companies whit the same challenges as yours. keep and eye on this network, They are on the something
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