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Important visit fra Mongoliet

Art fotografer Charlotte Haslund Christensen is in no way an explorer !

Charlotte is in contact with a lot of people in Mongolia and she has a considerable knowledge of the country Mongolia and to Denmark.

Through this link you can see have one of her former exhibitions is put together, which is about


Heading With Natives: The Danes I chose to reverse the colonial gaze. To make ethnic Danes the object of the gaze, in the same way that Western visual representations have stereotyped others. Historically the links between Western colonialism and the invention of photography are well documented. Photography was seen – and all too often still is – as an objective and scientific medium. Its alleged transparency and direct registration of reality often distracts from or disguises the ideological role it plays.

As far as I’m concerned – and I’m not alone – photography has been an obvious tool of colonialism in representing ’primitive’ peoples and all that Western ’civilisation’ has to offer. A virtually Darwinist discourse of cultural – and racial – evolution in which representations, including photography, continue to play a central role in the global media.

Two women were representing Mongolia on the visit here. Mother and daughter. The daughter was a part of the visit because she is intended to take over the family business which consist of everything from travel agencies over carpentry to a yourt factory – “what is that?” An Mongolian tent. They were both very interested in creating a partnership agreement with Samsø Energy Academys, so that they can come to Samsø with future Mongolian delegations. Both women were visiting Samsø Energy Academy, Samsø Landkøkken and Samsø dairy and they were both very interested in a getting the local business owners to come to Mongolia to assist with start-up of micro food business.

We look forward to future cooperation.

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