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Sustainability – beability – learnability

Sustainability – Beability – Learnability

How does these words suit the age group 1-4 year.

All institutions on Samsø attended the short course days on Samsø Energy Academy. The theme for Samsø Energi Camp & Energi Safari education this spring/ summer is “What is sustainability”? How can we all interpret and categorize a broad subject like this and be practical and action-oriented on commen sense. What do we really know about it? What don’t we know?

50 persons participated from the island.

Presenters from two day care centers on Fynen.

City day care center: Ønskeøen

Country day care center: Gustavminde

The day care centers have work with small children and their parents in cooperation with University College Lillebælt with focus on the 3 “abilities”. University College Lillebælt – Teacher Education have cooperated with the two day care centers about how the social – economic – ecological dimension is on a practical level.

The movie hall on the Energy Academy was packed, there were a great awareness and excited attention from everyone. The director Søren Hermansen welcomed. He was very pleased to see that people taken care of the next generation were here and that they were ready to contribute to inspiration and action. Malene Lundén, project Manager of Energy Camp – Energy Safari created the framework on how the cooperation was started, and what network means, when we share knowledge on a felt that keeps on moving – “Learning while doing”. Malene Lundén asked the participant to turn to their naboes and give their opinions on sustainability – What is it for you?, Why are you here tonight and what will you like to bring with you home?

Some of the good/ difficult values both day care centers had in play:

Passionate adults – No mobilphones when the children are collected and brought to the day care center.  Gathering of own eggs – slaughtering of own animals, with the participation of the children. The children can move freely – they can run in rooms and corridors. Nobody is scolding since the day care centers WANTS to promote the free motor coordination.

Play with the senses – The children can get wet in the water staircase – The vegetable garden as a workplace, where skills with plants are trained. The children have many places where the adults can’t see and find them. Visiting the graveyard where Gustav is buried, so that the children can get a relationship to the center “The farm Gustavminde”.

The scene was sat for RIO PLUS 20 – How we all have an important role to play in the global context. UN has diversity and economy – ecology – social on the civil aganda and the celebration of the sustainable education.

A good evening with a piece of bread and a beautiful sunset.

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