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Samso Energy Academy is in full swing with the summer

Samso Energy Academy is now opening up for an exiting summer season

Summer open from 26th june to 16th august 2012 – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13.00-15.00 – Admission: 50 kr per adult over 18 year.

The Energy Academy is open for all, also for those who doesn’t know so much about renewable energy. We promise you a good experience, which takes you closer to Samso and the people who lives and works in a small local community, which Samso is.

What do you need to survive as an islander? How do you move to Samso? What is the meaning behind the term “leisure samsing”.

At Samso Energy Academy we have at the moment two colleagues that are  “leisure samsings” – Both of them have for years maintained a summer cottage on the island. They have closely followed Denmarks Renewable Energy Islands route from nothing to really many things.

We are so lucky that our two students from last year are back again this year. We rely on last years huge succes, which went both ways  – from both tourists and employees there were optimism, fun and seriousness. Our two guides Kasper and Stig are both from Samso. They study and lives both in Århus.

Kasper and Stig will talk about what and which technologies Samso has launched since 1997, when Samso was appointed Denmarks Renewable Energy Island. Samso is self supplied with alternative energi in a scale of 100%. The island and the local residents have together invested 60 millions €. What, how and which values that have placed Samsø on the global map, is some of the things you will see, hear and feel more about if you visit our to openings days at the Energy Academy.

You will also get an insight into what Samso Energy Academy is working on today – We are already in full swing with what we call a 2.0.

Samso as Denmarks Renewable Energy Island was a 1.0. Now we have a three legged strategy.

Samso Energy Academy as player on what the future energy educations could include – Samso as a future fossile independent Island 2030 – Samso as a partner for satellite Islands/ Cities

Samso Energy Academy is a living workplace with approx. 10 employees part-time and full time.

We work with counseling – planning – development – economy – renovation – optimizing – education – communication – networking among other things.

Come and meet us – We are almost always ready for a short  conversation.

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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Gør vedvarende energi til en folkelig vindersag, jf udtalelsen fra VedvarendeEnergis lands-generalforsamling, lørdag d. 12. maj 2012 i Odense, læs hele artiklen under referencen:

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