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Cooperation between the islands

200 students from Kontiki School in Hillerød were gathered on Ærø, and from all parts of Denmark teachers and communicators from the Danish Energy Service had travel to Ærø to give them a fantastic experience. Anja Daugaard attended from Energy Camp on Samsø.

Sun and wind energy were the themes for the Energy Camp.  Different workshops gave the students ample opportunity to see and feel the sun and wind energy for examples build your own solarcell car, run races on a hand-driven racertrack, build a wind turbine and explore the colours of the light.

A good wind were blowing which all 4-6. grades students felt on there own body, when the kites went up. Allmost everyone felt the pull in the arms when the wind were blowing with extra speed, and it was a great pleasure to see the joy in their eyes, when the kite was flying high in the sky.

The sun was shining from a cloudless sky and it gave the 0.-3. grades students ample opportunity to experience the energy of the sun, when it was their turn to participate in the activities.

The feedback from students and teachers alike were very positive, and sometimes it was hard to get the students detach from both the kites and the PV-cells.

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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Man kan kun udtrykke beundring for den indsats som Energiakademiet i samabejde med formidlere fra Energitjenesten fra hele Danmark udviser ved at involvere skoleelever i potentialet, der ligger i udnyttelsen af de vedvarende energikilder og vor fælles fremtid i naturskønne omgivelser på Ærø.
    Hvis nogle måtte føle sig inspireret til noget frivilligt arbejde indenfor vedvarende energi henvises til frivillighedsportalen på VE’s hjemmeside (jf nederst højre side) og den direkte reference: samt til selve portalen .

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