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Support the Energy Academy

You now have the opportunity to support the Energy Academy’s work. Every donation is much appreciated.

The donations can be used to create educational material or for the general operation of the academy.

Furthermore the Energy Academy can subtract some of our VAT-expensenses and seek funding from the Danish Lottery means, if the number of donators are sufficient.

It is very easy to support the Energy Academy. Just click ”Support us via Flattr” on the right of the images above the news, if you use the Flattr micro donations system. You can read more about Flattr here.

It is also possible to use regular bank wire transfer. Click “Support” in the menu for the bank details.

It is possible to use credit and debit cards or Paypal accounts on the same page.

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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Måske energiakademiet skulle overveje at tage initiativ til oprettelse af en støttekreds på Samsø i stil med støttekredsen for Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi i Thy, jf den direkte reference (link):

  2. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Et andet eksempel på en støttekreds er støttekredsen “Antons Venner”, , under Landsforeningen Levende Hav, som lige har fået en ny hjemmeside:

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