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Samso won the crucial price in EU

Denmark, England and Latvia won awards. Great attention on our practical actions in our local areas.

Today we have received overwhelming recognition on Samso Energy Academy. New innovative agenda together with EU and Manage Energy. We have great expectation and a lot to offer with our application in our hands.

Read more about the future Samso 2.0

It is so uplifting to go to work and having the faith to believe that the small steps counts on the long run.

On the Energy Academy we have a saying “act local – think local”. It works on many levels and gives a large outcome.

It is going to be more overwhelming when we on  Samso Energy Academy develop and share our development strategy, which we on Samso Energy Academy has been working hard on since 2007. Now we are once again beginning as we were in 1997, where Samso was announced as The Renewable Energy Island of Denmark. On Samso Energy Academy we keep practicing not to behave and act as though we are the best. The Education platform on Samso Energy Academy keep on, toghether with other partners, inviting to exchange ideas on what is the next

You are always very welcome to contact us with your good idea or a future project that can benefit your local area.

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  1. Søren Stensgaard says:

    Stort tillykke

    Det er rigtigt velfortjent at Samsø Energiakademi høster anerkendelsen for de mange resultater der opnået og for det commitment der ligger i de nye visioner og mål for den Fossilfri Ø.

    Og de første resultater på den nye vej er så småt på vej i pipelinen allerede – godt gået ! 🙂

    Søren Stensgaard

  2. stort tillykke med prisen og velfortjent dobbeltflag idag 🙂

  3. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Stort tillykke med prisen på Samsø Energiakademi!!

    Prisen udtrykker anerkendelse og respekt for de mange flotte resultater, der er opnået på Danmarks førende VE-Ø, og det er ikke gået ubemærket hen, se blot artiklen fra Juni 2012 på hjemmesiden for Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi i Thy under den direkte reference (link):

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