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Conference for the reading groups

Communities have been on the agenda during the winter and spring, when reading groups from Fyne, Seeland and Samso have meet independently. The starting point for the discussions is the book “Commonities: Common + communities” by Tor Nørretranders and Søren Hermansen.

Community has been twisted and turned, and the attention on other communities have been great. New questions have arised.

Now it is time for celebration and reflection

Samso Energy Academy invites with great pleasure all reading groups that have contributed so rewarding and nourishing to the book on communities to Samso. It happens on a conference with the focus on making a difference. The conference takes place 7-9. september. All reading groups will meet and together continue to explore the subject.

The authors Søren Hermansen and Tor Nørretranders are invited to discuss the new burning questions, that have arisen during the winter and spring, in interaction with the reading groups.

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