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Final Conference of the Interreg IVB project Cradle to Cradle Island

Samso Energy Academy says thank you for a well organized and well managed EU project with many great contributions in relation with the project purpose.

The final conference in the end of 3.5 years good and solid work between the North Sea region in Europe and related stakesholders.

25 partners plus 12 islands and a lot of educational institutions and Governments organisations have lifted an important task.

What create sustainable solutions both before and after fossil in- and dependence?

Innovation has been done in cooperation with Cradle to Cradle, which is a concept about balance on water, materials and energy.

It has been a great challange to transform the ideal to what is practically possible in relation to waste water, development of products that doesn’t create pollution and sustainable energy supply.

On the final conference in Leeuwarden we meet speaker Chris Ryan which in many ways reaps the same experiences as we do in Samso Energy Academy with regard to alternative energy planning. In Australia they are further ahead in letting the citizens manage and setting up meetings where the cizitens is.


Check their work out, it rocks

What can Australia learn from Europe

Catalog which describe how we on Samso Energy Academy works with management in learning and what is green education.

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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Jeg ved ikke om nyheden i Børsen den 15. juli 2012 under overskriften ”Vestas-aktionærer samles: Vil være magtfaktor” kan være relevant for miljøbevidste samsinge:

    Men der er næppe tvivl om, at rundt omkring i Danmark findes mange småaktionærer i Vestas Wind Systems A/S, som nyheden er rettet til.

    Der henvises desuden til hjemmesiden: ,
    hvor interesserede kan læse mere.

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