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Greenkeeper the green way

The golf club of Samsø is heading towards fossil fuel independence.

The club had contacted the Energy Service (Energitjenesten) of Samsø to talk about buildings renovation and solar panels, but the two ended up talking about the diesel lawn mowers of the club. Now the first electric lawn mower is driving around the golf landscape of Samsø.

Greenkeeper chef Thomas Pihlkjær and Michael Kristensen from the Energy Service of Samsø cooperated with Svenningsens Maskinforretning (machine business) to get the project off the ground. The new Textron mower will deliver both fossil free greenkeeping on the golf course of Samsø as well as data to be published for other golf clubs to follow the good example of Samsø. The electric mower produces energy on its way with effective solar cells on the roof. This gave a new idea for the electric golf cars of the club. They are now getting solar cells installed on their roofs too, so that the batteries will be loaded while driving on the course.

Samsø Golf Club plans to extent the project with testing other electric or hybrid mowers. They will also try to establish ERFA groups both national and international for meetings on Samsø to see the golf club as well as the Energy Academy and learn about different initiatives.

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