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More than one million Japanese see LDP’s website every month

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Japan has made a promotional video of Samso and uploaded it on their HP.

More than one million Japanese see LDP’s website every month, so this is a good promotion opportunity for Samso Energy academy.

“We decided I should be an evangelist of Denmark and introduce Danish and Samos’s experience to Japanese society from now to improve the difficult situation faced by animals and the earth.

We introduced Samsoe Energy Academy motto ”Think Local, Act Local” on the video.

I hope the Japanese are learning from the good experience from Samso, Denmark. It has created your strong leadership and humanity.”

Japane use Samso Energy Academy as a direct monitoring model for how changes can be developed with base in renewable energy and based on proven technology.

Søren Hermansens is speaking at the importent conference for the organization ISEP,  where his is a part of the board.

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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Man kan kun udtrykke anerkendelse og respekt for at Samsø Energiakademi formår at vække interesse internationalt set i et land så fjernt som Japan.

    Det fortæller lidt om potentialet af de anstrengelser som samsingene har udvist ved at blive selvforsynende med vedvarende energi.

    Danmark kan være stolt af Samsø!

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