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Try the fossile-free life for a holiday

Can it be done?

Can you learn from it?

We want it on Samsø Energy academy!

Now YOU have the chance. We offer it to you, as an experiment, give and take. We make two cabins available with two sleeping places in each.

The cabins can  be borrowed to stay in, while acquiring new knowledge about renewable energy, sustainablity and the islands development in the last 15 years and toward the goul of a fossile free community in 2030.

Come and try the fossile free life.

Bring your bicycle or rent one on the island. Take a shower in sunheated water, and read by lamps powered by PV cells in the minimalistical furnished cabins. The payment for the cabins consist of you writing about your discoveries. Can it be done? Can we be fossile free? Can the world learn from it? Write the good story in the excellent article about your stay here.

We want it!

Will you?

Dare you?

If you are interested email the Energy Academy at kd.te1526998070imeda1526998070kaigr1526998070ene@o1526998070fni1526998070

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