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The Minister for the rural areas is visiting Samsø

Carsten Hansen, the Minister for Housing, Urban and Rural affairs, is visiting Samsø Municipality thursday next week the 20th September.

The Minister shall a tour around the island to see challenges and solutions on Samsø, and the first part of the visit is The Energy Academy.

The Energy Academy plays host at a debate lunch, and 2-3 persons from each of the 6 interestgroups are invited to participate in a dialog with the Minister. Some of the subject to discuss could for example be: Which challenges are there for the development of the Fossil Free Island seen from the view of the local citizens?

The interestgroups consist of local citizens, which have created the groups based on the plan for Samsø to become fossil free.

Carsten Hansen has set up the Visions group for the Rural areas, that last monday participated in a public citizens meeting at Brundby Hotel, Samsø, where the subjects also were the challenges now and in the future for Samsø


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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Jeg benytter lige lejligheden til at informere om en parlamentarisk høring, der finder sted på Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi i Thy fra torsdag den 4. – 7. oktober 2012, jf mere detaljerede oplysninger om høringen på centrets hjemmeside under referencen:

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