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What can total collaps as finansiel crisis teach us about innovating a golden age?

Vallekilde Communication College forms the historical background by hosting a series of community meetings.

The process is develop and is going to be run by one of the worlds best facilitator teams.

Samsø Energy Academy is invited to give a presentation on how the Community idea look like in the 1800. Which important threads can be tied to up to today, where Samsø Energy Academy has released an important debate.

Søren Hermansen, author, adjunct Professor and director for Samsø Energy Academy.

Malene Lunden, photographer, and proces responsible at Samsø Energy Academy.

Two hundred years ago Denmark faced total collapse.  On the losing side of major war, the country in tatters, it’s economy in ruin.  Having lost land, resources and the talents of all who died in the struggle, the country was bankrupt on every level.  Except one.

Out of this crisis, a new way of viewing society arose, fundamentally changing the structures of power, privilege and connection.  Over the next span of years Denmark as we now know it was created and a golden age was born.  Danes like Søren Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Andersen, Grundtvig and HC Ørsted brought their gifts to the world. Out of that Golden age, Folk High Schools, Democracy and new enlightenment for the people emerged. An Education was an answer to most challenges.

Interestingly enough, this founding story is very little known by the Danes themselves, but it hold keys to how we might all face this time of uncertainty and challenge.

Join us in a grand experiment of hosted conversation and harvesting of this powerful story to uncover what it might offer Denmark and the world.  This is an invitation to co-create a new paradigm for future growth, based on collective historic memory.

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