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Energy savings in islands

The PROMISE project finds energy savings in Iceland, Tenerife and Rhodes with Samso as a ‘mentor’. We visited Grimsey, which is an island with 28 fishermen’s houses north of Iceland. We performed home energy checks, and then every house agreed to insulate the loft, which is done now. A Rockwool truck sailed over on the ferry and blew granulate into the houses in the course of a few days.

The households save money and the municipality also saves money, because they subsidize oil and electricity on the island. The island is small, so the effect is small for the EU; but the story is a good example, and we use it in an EU-wide campaign for saving energy.

PROMISE works as locally as possible, and we use local climate data (temperature, wind, sun) from local weather stations in order to calculate the savings. It makes the project more relevant to the households, and the majority is very happy to discuss energy in their own house.

Further information

The project is an Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) project, see Sigurdur Fridleifsson recorded a primitive video of an insulation session, see here.

Jan Jantzen

Samso Energy Agency, SEA


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  1. Jimmy Flindt says:

    Måske kender du én der er interesseret i at søge en 2 årig projektstilling på Samsø som kommunens klima- og energikoordinator.

    Ansøgningsfristen er den 15. oktober.

    Se stillingsopslaget her:

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