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The Great green Dane

Nordic Horizons is an informal group of Scottish professionals who want to raise the standard of knowledge and debate about life and policy in the Nordic nations. We’ve been holding public meetings in Edinburgh since 2010 so Nordic specialists can discuss how they do things with decision-makers, practitioners, MSPs, academics and the interested public  here. We produce a written summary of each meeting and nearly always have an audio recording of the main speaker(s).

Best Wishes for 2013 and news of two great meetings about alternative Nordic ways of dealing with some of the problems Scotland also faces – energy policy, community development, is small or large beautiful in economic development, democracy, inclusion and letting bad banks go bust! Do come along – the meetings are free and currently there are 25 spare seats in the parliament for the fabulous Soren Hermansen and 50 seats for the newly advertised Icelandic event at the university.

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