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Be the change

Be the change

Green Energy, it is the future of the world, the present of Samsoe. And they wan’t to make a much greater leap, into clean energy, with their plan: “Samsoe 2.0”

Written by: Malthe Kjær, Celina Jensen, Laura Lillelund, Line Nielsen & Magnus Kofoed

We, five 9th graders from Hou Maritime Idrætsefterskole, have been curios about the future of the, now intiated, second half of the project, and how the inhabitans of Samsoe really support, if they do, and belive in a greener future.

First of all we visited the Energy Academy. We got a very delightfull welcoming, by the wonderfull staff of the academy. We raised the “Dannebrog”(Danish Flag), and they told us about their vision of a greener tomorow, and the hole project. They value comitment and responsability above all, and those two things are exactly what drives the project. The staff was interested in the fellowship of united island citizens, to stand together and make the project possible.

We interviewed two of the Energy Academys staff: Jesper and Lene.

They told us about how importent the trust and comitment of the locals really is. They also explained to us how they work, and how they made this plan come true.

It’s all really like picking aples; you start by picking the lowest hanging and smallest apple, easy done without really doing much effort, but the outcome isn’t so great either. Then later on you start picking the higher placed, much bigger aples. Much more effort is needed but the outcome is also much greater. they also told us about their future plans of making Samsoe fossil free by the year of 2030. One of the biggest problems of this project, is the limited space of Samsoe,. There simpy isn’t infinite space on Samsoe, witch makes Biogas very hard to evolve. They have a goal that the Samsoe ferry is suposed to sail on Biogas from stuff like cattle manure and excess plant garbage from the fields of Samsoe.

Afterwards we met the harbour master of Ballen harbor.

We talked for a bit about the hole project, and it’s future.

“I really do belive in a greener tomorrow, but i can’t help douting about if it’s really possible. It’s going to hard and pricey, especially for the less richer citizens.”

We asked about how he thought about the removal of fossil fuels on Samsoe, and about how he would like to trade his current car into an electric car.

“Again, it’s a very nice thought but it’s going to be so pricey. I really don’t know if i belive in this becoming a possibility.

Then we talked with a turist.

“I like the idea of Samsoe 2.0, but i do not belive in it. the amount of comitment and money it would take to drive it is impossible”

Kind of a pessimist som might say, but maybe he’s just being logistic.

Last but not least we met a delycary dealer. He had only lived on the island for 5 years but he really felt the oportunitys of the Samsoe.

“it’s such good PR, that we are a green island, and that we are leading in green science.”

He also told us about how confident he was in the project and how comited he was himself.

The thing we learned was that everybody on Samsoe was so good informed about what’s going on, and that they are extremely comited. They really are the people of the future, and the energy academy made this possible.

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