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Kufunda Learning Village

Kufunda Learning Festival

The energy academy have works together with the community for 10 years.
We will visit them for the festival !

It is our Great Pleasure to Invite you to join us in a celebration of life and learning, of community and togetherness, of ten years of the Kufunda Journey

We invite you to five days of celebrating the last ten years of learning; and to a time of connecting learning and ideas across our diversity, as we reach out to our friends from afar and to local artists, communities and organisations in our quest for healthy vibrant communities in Zimbabwe and beyond.

The structure of our days will be simple and largely self-organising, using open space technology to allow the programme to evolve in response to the questions and curiosity of everyone present. We will offer the best of our own learning from the last several years, as well as the questions we are carrying into the future. To enable those who can’t be with us for the full five days, we have a high-level overview of our thematic journey to support you in deciding when to join us.

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