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The Electric Car Day a big succes

The Electric Car Day is part of the work of getting more electric cars to Samsø, so we can drive on windmill energy and achieve a fossile-free transport sector. The day was arranged in a close collaboration between Samsø Municipality, The Energy Academy and voluntary forces from the Transport Group under Fossile-Free Island. There was a good attendance from diverse actors, who where enthutiastic about the positive atmosphere they met on Samsø towards electric cars and bikes. The Energy Academy is supported in 2013 by the Energy Cabinet for a project that looks at Samsø as a model society for the widespread use of electric cars. The Electric Car Day was a part of the important breaking down of barriers, to pave the road for Electric Cars on Samsø. The Electric Car Day didn’t just offer electric cars and bikes but also fossile-free vehicles for the small ones, a series of presentations, electric music, ice and sausages and a good portion of cosy  atmosphere.

See hightlights from the day the 11th of may via the news at  TV2 østjylland

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