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The thinktank Concito meets reality

When the thinktank Concito met Århus School of Business it was the scene of an exciting debate, which also made it possible to build a bridge between the work of the thinktank and the everyday experience and wishes for the students at Århus School of Business.

The students had read the report by Realdania and MandagMorgen called There will be a beautiful country, which draws a scenario for Denmark as a green growthengine for the world and the initiatives needed to bring us there in 2050. Some of what the young people wanted to know was, how come it should take such a long time before it was reality.

Stine Bosse answered on behalf of Concito, that she understood the students, when it is this obvious that we need these changes. Stine went on to encourage the young people to exercise their influence on the development not just in Danmark, but also the EU and internationally, since Denmark with its 6 million inhabitants cannot save the world.

The conversation focused on numbers and if numbers where any good. A number that was mentioned was the newly publicized c02 level of 400ppm (prts per million), which is the historically high and not seen until now. Concito asked the students about their relationship to this number. A number of students stepped forward and it was clear that they didn’t just take the experts words for granted, but had their entirely own oppinions and new facts that marine biologist Katherine Richardson from Concito wasn’t aware of.

This made it a beneficiary meeting for both parts.

When it came to the question of how to build a bridge between the thinktank and the people represented by Århus School of Business, the thinktank woke up which made way for an exciting debate about how we can influence our society in a more green direction and meet on a more equal level.

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