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Skærbæk School at the Energy Camp

This weekend we had a visit from Skærbæk School from Fredericia. 35 students and 6 adults. We had 3 hours with the kids and their parents about Samsø as Renewable Energy Island and the whole story and project that made this possible. We went through Samsøs district heating plant and the students learned about the ressources that are used in the renewable energysystems that are spread all over Samsø.

In the end of the day the students had learnt a lot, everything from the importance of having a plan for how you want to carry through a project like Samsø Renewable Energy Island, to understanding our impact on the globe in the form of CO2 emission and how we can put it down and then how much windmills actually produce of electricity.

It was a good day for the students, the parents and not least us here at Samsø Energy Academy.

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