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New manual focusing on citizen involvement

Together with the municipality of Samsø, the Energy Academy has just hosted a three-day project visit.

Partners from a number of municipalities and institutions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden visited the island to discuss issues related to the production and usage of biogas. From Denmark the municipalities of Skive and Lemvig took part in the event.

The overall objective of the Implement project is to put biogas on the agenda across the Scandinavian borders – in cooperation between municipalities, research institutions and businesses.

However, a major challenge in establishing biogas in Denmark is often local resistance towards the plants.

Therefore one of the important results of the Implement project is a manual that collects data and experiences on how to involve the local citizens in the right way.

The manual seeks to inspire the processes and puts emphasis on involvement of the local society from the very beginning. The experience shows that this can diminish misunderstandings and the local resistance.

The web-based manual elaborated by Samsoe Energy Academy in cooperation with Agro Business Park was launched as part of the project meeting at Samsø.

For further information:

Contact Peter Christensen at the Academy –

Mobile 29 43 50 07 or mail: kd.te1526998143imeda1526998143kaigr1526998143ene@c1526998143p1526998143

The manual is available on:

Read more about the Implement project on the project homepage:

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