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From Norway to Samsø driving EV

Martin Hagen from Norway chose Samsø for his holiday and drew the way in his Nissan Leaf electric car. He spent 2 days for the trip in Norway going from Bergen to Kristiansand, because the route is not sufficiently covered with quick charge stations. After a ferry tour he continued his journey in Denmark and drew from Hirtshals to Hou and the Samsø ferry with no problems. Before coming to Denmark he had bought a charging-card from Clever so that he could use the quick charge stations in Denmark.

In Norway Martin works for the EV association to promote electric cars. Norway is ahead with 10.000 EVs because the conditions are advantageous for EV drivers. He came to Samsø to find inspiration. He had heard about our plan for the Fossil Free Island with 50% EVs in 2020. He was interested in hearing about how the experiences from the Renewable Energy Island concerning local citizen involvement and local ownership can be used when looking at the distribution of electric cars. Our present project “Samsø – a Model Society for the Distribution of Electric Cars” is financed by the Danish Energy Agency. The local approach working on Samsø is something that will inspire Martin in his work to promote EVs in Norway.

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