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Micro clower on Samsø

Go green with Microclover

No pesticides and an ambitious goal of becoming CO2 neutral defines the frames within Samsoe Golf Club is operating. Therefore, the club has initiated a collaboration between the Energy Academy Samsoe and Prodana Seeds A/S (a subsidiary of DLF TRIFOLIUM) regarding the testing of a unique type of Microclover in combination with various turf grasses.

Microclover was chosen because it has a number of environmental benefits:
Low fertilizer input because it collects nitrogen from the air – beneficial for the grass, economy and climate
Prevents weeds e.g. dandelions from establishing – no application of weed killers
• Maintains a nice green color even in very dry periods saves water

The most interesting feature of Microclover is the ability to capture nitrogen from the air. This reduces the input of mineral fertilizer. As the manufacturing of mineral fertilizers emits large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, any measures that can reduce the consumption will reduce the risk of global warming. In this way, the small clover can prove to play a major role in the green transition of the club.

The goal of the collaboration is to investigate which species of lawn grasses gives the best performance in combination with Microclover and to collect data in order to document the environmental benefits of using it. This work may also very well prove to be useful for the Danish municipalities, who in near future are obliged to document a considerable annual reduction in their total CO2 emissions.



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