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Next Practise sympositum

The Energy Academy invites to Next Practice symposium.
A meeting about the future with presence and perspective. last time we made the symposium it was a great experience for many of our network colleges from near and far.
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This years symposium is about the ambitions we have  for Samso 2,0, Fossil free island and the work we are famous for internationally.

Look at the invitation

What can the Energy Academy produce of inspiration? The participants will offer their suggestion and wish for inspiration the need back home in Japan, America, Asia, Europe or any od place in the world.
The symposium does not offer a number of high ranking keynotes but a lot of engaged people. We will pick their brains for any good idea otr example we can share and use for the next practice back home.
By the way the danish minister for Energy and Climate has announced his participation.
It will be good! 

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