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We would love to talk to you

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We would like to talk to you

We would really like to talk to you in our comments section! Without users of there would be no reason to kelp the site updated, and your opinion matters to us.

A while ago we felt pressured to shut down our comments sections because of lack of resources, but that will change as of now as we have chosen to prioritize this platform as a way to communicate with you

So please write! Questions, comments or just a funny remark. We will try our best to reply adequately.


The staff of the Energy Academy

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  1. Roberto says:

    Good morning,

    My name is Roberto and I am writing from Florence, Italy.
    I found your island and the Energy Academy’s mission some years ago, when I heard the news that Samsoe was to become the first carbon-neutral community in the western world. This thing made me very curious. I am a big fan of environmental issues, renewable energy, policies of recycling and saving (see my web site : Unfortunately, in my country, there are many problems of a very different nature to deal….., although I have the good fortune to live in a region where environmental policy is very sensitive, it is very difficult to carry on projects like your. So I like follow your activity and I give you my compliments for the work done and I hope one day to announce that something like it was made in my town.


    Roberto Tortelli

  2. Jacob Wenzel says:

    Thank you so much for your comment Roberto!
    And thank you for the link to your website.

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