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Citizens Meeting: Get closer to Europe!

LOGO_energiakademiet_21_10_2011_largeThe Next Practice Conference will be held at the Energy Academy from the 18th to October 20. Two years ago we had the first edition of Next Practice, and the experiences from the must now be transferred into a new meeting. Forty people from around the world will discuss what is needed, if we are to achieve our goal of a world independent of fossil fuels.

As an appetizer to the gathering, there will be a citizens meeting on the 18th of September concerning EU, and particularly what roll EU has to play revolving Samsø and Denmark’s effort on a sustainable development.

On the meeting supported by the European Council as a part of an information campaign on EU, we have invited Marcel Meijer to tell us a bit about his expectations as a candidate for the election for the parliament.

Henrik Øster, Chairman of the farming union will zoom in on EU and farming, while chairman of Inforse Europe Gunnar Boje Olesen will comment on EU’s energy and climate efforts.

Søren Hermansen will lead the meeting, and there will be plenty of opportunities for questions on EU an Denmark’s involvement in the European project.

The meeting will begin at 8 pm and will be in Café Emil B on Ballen Hotel.


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