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Best to Next Practice outcome

In the days from the 18th to September 20, the Energy Academy hosted From Best to Next Practice Symposium.

Guest from all over the world attended the meeting– one of them was Mary Alice: an American born now living in New Zealand self-proclaimed nomad and she has documented the process as a gift to the Energy Academy.

You can read a lot more about Mary-Alice Arthur and her roll as a facilitator on her website here.

The Symposium had the following outcome:

Athur, MA


Samsø 2.0: Best to Next Practice.

In: From best to Next Practice symposium, 18 – 20 Sep 2013, Samso, Denmark.



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    Creators:Athur, MA
    Projects:Samsø 2.0, Next Practice
    Date Deposited:22 Aug 2014 13:46
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