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Samso is renewable energy darling of the world

Samso is front figure of the world ind the transition towards a green society. The claim is made by the website of the renowned Danish newspaper Politiken. The paper made a visit to Samso and the Energy Academy, in relation to the report from the UN Climate Panel on Friday, September 27, 2013.

Business Manager Jester Roug Kristensen from the Energy Academy says in the article, that it has been more important to take the time to sit down with each other to drink coffee and talk, than chasing the newest renewable energy technologies.

The World Wildlife Fund, WWF, are also impressed by the impact from the energy transformation on Samso.

“Samso has become an internationally internationally acknowledged experiment, that has visitors from numerous places. For instance it has inspired the Japanese to realize some energy initiatives, because they have seen hard evidence on Samso, that proves it is possible to reduce CO2 production while maintain a wellfare community,” says chief of the Climate Initiative of WWF to the online newspaper.

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