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Visit from TU Delft Energy Club

The Energy Academy has a close partnership with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. This has given us the chance to invite the Energy Club from TU Delft to take a study trip to Samsø.

More than 30 students from countries like China, Indonesia, Mexico and the rest of the work, are attending workshops at the Energy Academy at the time of this writing.

The subjects for the workshops are “Energy Checks in Shops”, “Challenging or changing your own perception of democracy”, and “Local ownership and the commons”.

See the presentation from the democracy workshop here:

We offer these workshops on a regular basis, and students and teachers with an interest in energy are more than welcome to contact us for more info. You can see the schedule for the event below.

We made a small vox pop with the students, who naturally has strong interests and opinions concerning energy. As you can see, the student’s focus and opinions vary a lot, though they are members of the same club.

Easwaran Krishnamurthy

From: India

Age: 24

Why are you here on Samsø?

My country is very big, and the energy sector is a challenge to us, because of the diversity and the many different opinions. I wanted to see how you could change the Energy sector in a smaller community. What is the strategy, what are the challenges, and is it possible to upscale it for a larger community.

Which environmental issues are important to you?

Implementation and awareness of environmental issues are important to me. What are the long-term impact and long-term benefits? I want people to know that high initial investments yields better results.

What are your expectations for the future?

Very positive especially after seeing such a place like this. It is very encouraging for people with a mindset like me, because it is motivating to see, that it is possible.

Stefan Alexandru Ghita

From: Rumania

Age: 23

Why are you here on Samsø?

I took part in the in student energy summit, where I met Søren Hermansen. I am very interested in Sustainable Energy Technology, and I thought that this could be a great chance to see it implemented in a real community.

Which environmental issues are important to you?

I have a background in building services engineering, so I am interested in subjects like how to lower your energy use, how to improve efficiency and how to change behavioral patterns.

What are your expectations for the future?

Not very positive be honest. Though I want things to change, I am not sure they will. If you look around, you see people are changing from coal to gas. Of course, gas is cleaner but it still pollutes.

We are in a hurry, we need things to change dramatically, and I am not sure, we will make it in time at our current tempo. However, I am actively trying to change it.

Invite for the event:

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