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Søren Hermansen speaks at TEDxCOPENHAGEN

Tickets were completely soled out, when director of the Energy Academy Søren Hermansen gave a speech at TEDxCopenhagens Green Natives conference in the UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark. hosts event with speakers from the entire globe to inspire the world with ideas and inputs. TEDx are local editions of the TED gatherings, and it was at an event like this one could hear Hermansen yersterdag.

The director spoke about the necessity of using commons and the communities in the transformations towards a sustainable energy sector – the ideas are also explained in the book “Commonity” by himself and Tor Nørretranders. Though TED Talks are mainly one way communication, Hermansen managed to have a good dialog with the audience.

“I went forward on the stage a bit and was able to communicate with the audience. I asked them a number of questions, and I got great response on that,” Søren Hermansen said after the show.

You can read more about the event here, and you can read the bio on Hermansen from TEDx here.

Links to video clips will be posted when available, so be sure to check back.

Foto: Andreas Klinke Johannsen/Flickr

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