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International politicians at the Energy Academy

by Nicholas Urban

The difference between social and Social-“ist”, armies of Trojan mice, and delicious open-faced Danish sandwiches. These were some topics of discussion when Senator Myron D. Jackson of the US Virgin Islands and local Councilwoman Ave Fisher of Australia’s Torquay Ward visited the Energy Academy.

DSCN2376 (Medium)After a long ferry ride, both politicians arrived at the Academy on Wednesday eager to share experiences and learn more about the story of Samsø. Friendly greetings were exchanged and then the staff and visitors moved into the kitchen to start discussing over lunch.

Both visitors are dedicated to promoting cooperative renewable energy projects in their own communities, but have been faced with several obstacles along the way. Therefore, the meeting focused around different steps that one can take to avoid these obstacles. Some specific topics include:

  • How to gather widespread community support
  • How to understand what energy resources are available to a community and in what quantities
  • How to circumvent federal and state laws that may restrict local green development

By the end of the afternoon, both politicians left with a sense of hope and plenty of ideas for spreading the story of Samsø and energy independence abroad.

You can learn more about the Senator here and the councilwoman here. Also, check out Ave’s blog here as she travels to other community based renewable energy projects around the world.

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