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Yes in my backyard

It can be quite the challenge to find suited areas for new wind farms. In spite of their clean and practically free energy supply, they can be an eyesore for the local homeowners.

But in the historically conservative state of Texas, USA, a pragmatic is trying to change the attitude towards wind farms, and he gets a helping hand from director of the Energy Academy on Samsoe, Denmark.

The pragmatic Dr. Richard Alley, who is a geologist, contributor to the United Nations panel on climate change and former oil company employee, hosts the TV show “Earth: The Operators’ Manual”.

The show and the host seeks to take an open and objective viewpoint of some of the problematic subjects one might bump into in connection to restructuring the energy supply, ie problems with homeowners who in addition to the state of the planet also worry about the prices on their homes.

You are able to watch the show by following this link. The episode with Søren Hermansen can be seen below:

Alley, R


“Yes, In My BackYard” — aka YIMBY!




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    The interwoven stories of how two locals pragmatists, in Denmark and West Texas, helped their neighbors welcome wind power.

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    Creators:Alley, R
    Projects:Renewable Energy Island — Vedvarende Energi-Ø, Fossil Free Island — Fossilfri Ø, Samso Energy Academy — Samsø Energiakademi
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