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Proposed Addition to the Energy Exhibition: Net-Zero Bathroom Design

This Tuesday, 18 February 2014, the Energy Academy held its first meeting to discuss plans for updating the current energy exhibition with more relevant technologies.

Nick Urban, our visiting intern from Maine, USA, presented the work he has been doing over the past couple weeks designing a net-zero bathroom exhibit with freelance energy adviser Bernd Garbers.

The structure would showcase the most current sustainable bathroom designs, including a thermosiphon solar hot water system, urine-diverting composting toilet ventilated by a small wind turbine, and a solar powered air ventilation/dehumidification system.

In addition to serving as an educational exhibit, it will also be a fully functioning bathroom open to visitors during the summer months.

More information about these technologies is included in his presentation below.

Its location is still tentative, but ideally the bathroom will be placed inside the structure currently housing the hydrogen power exhibit, which has plans of being removed in the coming months.

So keep your eyes open for this new addition to our energy exhibition this summer!

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