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‘Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative’

The Energy Academy participated with director Søren Hermansen at the AEIDL conference: ‘Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative’.

More than 150 people from the grassroots, the European Parliament, NGOs and ordinary citizens participated at the conference on February 19-20 in Brussels.

The basis for the discussion were 25 promising local initiatives, and Samsoe was one of the Examples. You can read a summary from the event here.

Below is the presentation of the 25 initiatives:

aeidl, –


25 Promising Initiatives.

In: Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative, Feb. 2014, Brussels.



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      Creators:aeidl, –
      Projects:Renewable Energy Island — Vedvarende Energi-Ø, Fossil Free Island — Fossilfri Ø, Samso Energy Academy — Samsø Energiakademi
      Date Deposited:22 Aug 2014 11:01
      Last Modified:16 Sep 2014 11:20

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