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Smallest capital city in US copies Samsoe

Montpelier in Vermont, USA, has the honor of being the smallest capital city i the country. Ambitions are big on the contrary in the largest city in the Green Mountain State.

The city council has decided in cooperation with the local energy suppliers and NGO’s to become a “net-zero” user of fossil fuels by 2030. Samso achieved that goal as soon as 2005, an the island in the middle of Denmark is a model case for the Montpelier project.

What they will need to achieve the goal in the city that, in spite of their relatively small size in the US, houses a few more citizens than Samso, is described in press material from the council, featured by Associated Press and published by several online media in the States.

Andrea Colnes, executive director of the Energy Action Network, a central group in transition does not hesitate to credit the people of Samso for the inspiration.

Read the info sheet from the city below or read the article from AP here, here or here.

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