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Visitor in zero emission cabins

The zero emission cabins located next to the Energy Academy on Samso has had another visitor. This time the American Josh Anders had a stay in them, and you can read his comment below:

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“Samsoe and its energy ambitions popped up on my radar just over a year ago while searching for communities to visit that are pursuing some type of self-sufficient ideal, be it agrarian, energetic, or spiritual.

I left home in Washington, Maine, U.S.A. seven months ago to visit such places and experiencing alternative ways of living which I think harbor a sense of peace, harmony with nature, and happiness.

After a quick tour of some of Denmark’s eco-villages and co-housing initiatives, I hopped on the island ferry in Kalundborg to explore the world-renowned energy self-sufficient island.

By pure coincidence, I met Jesper, the chief economist at the Energy Academy, the morning after I arrived. He welcomed me to Samsoe and offered me the opportunity to stay in the academy’s ‘Fossil-Free’ Holiday Cabin.

I’m writing now from the desk of one of the cabins, waiting for the sun to peak out again before setting out for another bicycle ride along the coast and through the quaint villages that dot the island’s landscape.”

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