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Unique opportunity for further education in the Nordic countries

Contact for more information: Malene Lundén, public awareness and knowledge upgrading on sustainability, The Energy Academy (Danish partner on the model for education) thorugh e-mail kd.te1524550673imeda1524550673kaigr1524550673ene@l1524550673m1524550673 or phone +45 2096 4458


– The education consists of four modules each lasting three days and they are hosted in autumn 2014 and spring 2015 in Norway, Denmark (The Energy Academy), Sweden and Finland respectively

– The target audience is project managers, educators and pedagogues, who are working with sustainable development, public awareness and further education

– Applicants must be connected to a company or organization working on a current project withing the subject

– The aim is three to four contenders from each of the Nordic countries and interdisciplinary representation

– The Education is free – deadline for applications is may 31, 2014. The selected applicants will be contacted by June

– NOVIA quality ensures the academic level equivalent to 15 ECTS points

Apply here.

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  1. Jeg kan ikke åbne linket for tilmelding
    Venlig hilsen Lotte

    Charlotte Gilbert Jespersen
    Laboratorie/Værkstedsleder, Institut for Planlægning

  2. Jacob Wenzel says:

    Hej Lotte!

    Tak for tippet, jeg har opdateret artiklen med det nye link.

    Venlig hilsen admin

  3. RT @EnergiAkademiet: Nyt på (translation available): Enestående mullighed for dig som … – http…

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