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Win a trip for your whole class with DR (Denmark’s Radio)

Are you attending high school or 7th-10th grade and are you a journalist in spe? Then you have the chance to test your journalism dreams and win a trip to the Energy Academy for your whole class.

And if you just like writing and you think it would be cool to win a fun and meaningful trip to Samsø for you and your friends, you’re of course also welcome to join!

To win the trip you must participate in the competition on DR’s campaign site (in Danish): “Nyheder fra en varm fremtid”, where you need to write “an article about a person or a project in your local area that is making a difference for the climate” (qoute:

Read more about the competition here and read more about how you participate here. On the campaign site you will find tips for the journalistic process.

Contact Malene Lundén from the Energy Academy on if you have any questions about Samsø and the Energy Academy.

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